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7/31/2018 | Los Angeles

As most of you know, I am a T3 Micro Partner, and frequently post on my story and feed about their various products and hairstyles. But what most of you don't know is, how much I truly believe in the brand and love their products.



7/12/2018 | Nordstrom

The sale is finally here (for Nordstrom cardholders)! I am so excited to share my top clothing picks shoe picks! More coming, but these are the inital items that stood out!


Nordstrom Anniversay Sale

7/8/2018 | Los Angeles

It's my favorite time of year, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I wanted to share with you the the down low before early access opens up to cardholders this week!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Early Access

4/19/2018 | Coachella

Wearing sunscreen all the time is difficult and can be a bit un-glamorous at times because it is usually greasy, smells weird and leaves white sunscreen residue everywhere Meet the answer to my sunscreen dilemma: Volition Beauty's Prismatic Luminizing Shield.


Festival Essential: Volition's Prismatic Luminizing Sun Shield

2/8/2018 | Los Angeles

Learn all about the ultimate head to toe L'Occitane skin routine, plus sign up to receive your free gift!


L'Occitane Skin Care

2/27/2018 | Los Angeles

Sharing one of my favorite classic looks, leather on leather + one my feature in Voyage LA Magazine


Leather Squared

2/11/2017 | Los Angeles

Casual Valentine's in the cutest Jing Limted Helen Turtleneck Sweater.


Casual Valentine's

2/7/2028 | Los Angeles

Floral Dresses are always a yes for me. Valentine's is almost here and you can wear this for a more causal date... read the post for my idea of a perfect Valentine's.


Perfect Florals & Valentines

2/5/2018 | Beverly Hills

Winter in LA is nonexistent but I am trying to make it work with this outfit, also a little commentsar on the Bachelor...


Extra Extra

1/31/2018 | Los Angeles

Hard to believe, but I had such a hard time choosing what I wanted for Valentine's...


Be Mine

1/26/2018 | Los Angeles

The poll results are in, and you guys wanted to see a boo thang gift guide. So, if I did have a boyfriend, here are some things I would get him.


What I Would Get Him For Valentine's

1/25/2018 | Beverly Hills

I am sharing 3 items that have been on repeat since I purchased, within the last two months. Read the post to find out which 3 items.


3 Items I Recently Bought

1/22/2017 | Los Angeles

The best thing about the Bless Box… I ALWAYS love everything that is included. No, I’m not just saying that. Find out why in the post...


Bless Box

1/18/2018 | Beverly Hills

The cutest elbow cut out sweater, now on sale, a gucci bag and a coffee is all it takes to make me content. View the post to find out five random facts about me.


Beverly Blue

1/10/2018 | Los Angeles

Honestly, I didn't think much about skincare until this past year. Dermalogica products have proven their worth, and I can't imagine my life without them, literally.


Why I'm Obsessed: Dermalogica

1/9/2017 | Los Angeles

With the new year workout hype going on I wanted to share some gym alternatives...


Gym Alternatives

1/4/2017 | Los Angeles

The perfect flare combo from one of my ultimate go-to online retailers


Flared Out

1/2/2018 | Los Angeles

A little from the past, a little of the future



12/23/2017 | Los Angeles

On the Eve of Christmas Eve, I wanted to share traditions and my ultimate Christmas wish!


Eve of Christmas Eve

12/14/2017 | Los Angeles

What to get your best friend and what to get the one friend you have to get something for but don't want too....


Best Friend VS. Frenemy

12/13/2017 | Los Angeles

My mom literally deserves a private beach with the most amazing beach house and my dad deserves a brand new Ferrari, but perfume/cologne and jammies will have to do for now....


The Ones Who Deserve It All

12/12/2017 | Los Angeles

Giftguide of What I Want VS What I Need


Needs VS Wants

12/11/2017 | Los Angeles

If I had a boyfriend, this is what he would get.


My Imaginary Boyfriend's Gift Guide

12/10/2017 | Los Angeles

With all the fires happening around me, I feel compelled to do something, anything, I can to help.



12/4/2017 Columbia, CA

Happy to be sponsored by Chaps. I love this velvet dress that I got from Chaps holiday collection. It's perfect for all the holiday events I’ll be attending! You can find this velvet dress with the rest of the collection at Kohl's + linked in the post.


Chaps Holiday Wear

12/3/2017 | Disneyland

Yes I wore my fur coat and booties to Disneyland...


Extra at Disney

12/2/2017 | Los Angeles

Blogmas Day 2, posted a bit late due to a busy af weekend, featuring my fav wine cocktail and all of my fav sweaters under $25!


Sweater Love

12/1/2017 | Los Angeles

Blogmas has made its return this December! For those of you who are new here, Blogmas is where I post a new blog post everyday of December! First up: Top 5 Fav Things about the Season!


Blogmas Returns

11/23/2017 | Home

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! There is so much to be thankful for, even after a year like I had. Find out what I'm thankful for, and where my romper is from!



11/13/2017 | Los Angeles

Sparkly dress season is upon us, and has everything you need to outshine the basics.


Shinin' with Boohoo

11/10/2017 | Walnut Creek

Life has been extremely crazy lately, anyone else feel the same? Time for an update + random thoughts blog post. This fall floral top got so much love on my IG when I posted it - included the link, it's on sale for $27!


Fall Floral + Update

11/1/2017 | Los Angeles

Can you believe it's already November? I can't. This year has flown by... is it too soon to say I am SO READY for 2018...?


Hello November

10/24/2017 | Los Angeles

Have you ever had an idea for a beauty product? Volition Beauty takes the beauty ideas of everyday people and turns them a reality. Read more about this amazing brand + a 20% off discount code.


Volition Beauty

10/10/2017 | San Francisco

As we transition into fall, I wanted to incorporate some of my fall staples: the faux suede trench and black over the knee boots. I'm also transitioning in a different way as well... read the post to find out what...



9/21/2017 | Los Angeles

I've teamed up with T3Micro to share with you what powers me from within...



9/2/2017 | Los Angeles

It's my birthday! I can't believe I'm turning 25.... quarter life crisis coming soon.... View the post for 5 things I've learned by 25.



8/29/2017 | Los Angeles

Labor Day is already THIS weekend?! I have always loved Labor Day, not only because summer is coming to an end (I HATE HEAT), but because I always have a three day weekend on my birthday :) Shop this dress from JD Luxe in the post.


Labor Day Red

8/26/2017 | Santa Monica

As summer is quickly coming to an end, I am soaking up every last minute... even though it always feels like summer in LA. Luckily for me, I get to wear my Albion Fit One Piece all year round! Code for $$ off in post.


Soakin Up Summer

8/21/2017 | Los Angeles

Raise your hand if you looked into the sun to see the solar eclipse today! *raises hand* Hopefully you were able to see the eclipse either on TV, or in person, with protection of course. This is a time of reflection and setting forth new intentions. I'm sharing some of mine with you!


Total Eclispe

8/17/2017 | Melrose Ave

I'm bringing you another look from JD Luxe! This look, is one of my absolute favorites. Plus, is blogging my full time job? You asked, I'm telling!


Luxe Livin'

8/14/2017 | Los Angeles

I can't let go of the palm print, anyone else agree? I still can't believe summer is about to be over, so I'll just wear this everyday until fall...


Koalin Dress

8/7/2017 | Pismo Beach

I STILL can not believe it's already August! Where has the year gone? I am soaking every last minute of summer up! I love this wrap that was part of my July Fab Fit Fun Subscription Box. View the post for more details + find out who took these amazing shots. I'm also sharing a funny story with you guys that happened while shooting this look...


Waves & Wraps

8/6/2017 | Melrose Rose

I can't believe it's already August! During this time of the year, I like to be on the look out for transition pieces. Example, this olive green Malia Utility Dress by JD Luxe. Think day to night, summer to fall.


JD Luxe Utility Dress

7/29/2017 | Alfred's Studio City

By now we should all be aware of the presence of gingham in our wardrobe. I, happen to love a good gingham top, espcially an off the shoulder one.


Gingham Style

7/23/2017 | Los Angeles

I am collabing with one of my favorite stores, Windor! I love that they offer reasonably priced items that are still amazing quilty.View the post for all the shots - taken with a the Sony A7 camera!


Windsor Gray Two Piece

7/13/2017 | Nordstrom

The Nordstrom Early Access Anniversary Sale went LIVE TODAY for Nordsrom Cardholders - In this post I'm sharing some of the items I bought and I picked out my must haves!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

7/5/2017 | Pismo Beach

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!


I Screm For Ice Cream

7/4/2017 | Los Angeles

Happy Birthday America! I hope everyone has an amazing and safe 4th of July!


Happy Fourth of July

6/25/2017 | Venice Canals

Happy Monday Everyone! I shot this look awhile back and now I'm finally sharing! This romper has been circling the internet in multiple colors and I am in love with this style of romper and it's perfect for summer.


Venice Canals X Vici Dolls

6/20/2017 | Pismo Beach

Hey There From Pismo Beach! I am currently writing this on my balcony overlooking the ocean, jealous? I've been coming here every summer since I was little. I love escaping reality on the (cool) Central Coast. PS You'll never guess who took these photos...


California Dreamin'