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It has only been ten days into 2016 and I’m already trying new things! This past Saturday I had my first laser facial treatment courtesy of Skin Laundry in Beverly Hills. My friend works for the company and reached out to me to try their laser skincare treatment. I have never had any type of laser treatment done to my body or skin, but after reading through the information on the website and going over it with her I was convinced! Skin Laundry is a two-part laser face cleaning that takes around ten minutes to complete the entire process. When I arrived Marco, the manager of the BH location, verbally went over all the forms and the process. He was super informative and helpful! He gave me a cleansing towel to remove my make up and led me into the treatment room. The nurse was also really informative and went over the steps before and during the process. The first step is the YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet) laser, which vaporizes dirt and bacteria to thoroughly clean deep into your pores. She informed me beforehand that this part might sting and she tested the laser on my forehead. Surprisingly it didn’t bother me as much as I thought it was going too! It just felt like a slight prick. After the first round of the YAG laser she asked if I wanted to do a round two, which is recommended. Since I didn’t think the laser was painful at all I agreed to round two! During the laser process a weird burning scent occurs which the nurse told me was just the smell of your skins dirt and impurities getting scorched. After the laser thoroughly cleans your pores the nurse applies a soothing gel, which feels amazing! The second step is the IPL Light and this part of the process works on the top layer of your skin, reducing inflammation and redness, smoothing out broken capillaries and generally polishing the surface. This step doesn’t hurt at all; it is just a noticeably bright red light, even though I was wearing goggles. After the red light is applied the nurse wipes off the soothing gel and applies moisturizing sunscreen and tells you you’re good too go! The process was surprisingly faster than getting my latte from Starbucks earlier in the day! Once I looked at my skin after my eyes adjusted to the light I was in shock. I was having a bad break out prior to going in, but I noticed the redness had gone down as well as the actual problem area. My skin was glowing and I couldn’t stop touching my face the entire rest of the day. I highly recommend everyone going in and trying out the laser treatment. The lasers are safe enough to do every other day and costs around $50 a treatment. I was shocked at how cheap the treatment was considering this is a laser skincare treatment and I usually spend more than $50 on my nails! I still have a couple treatments left and I can’t wait to see my skin improve. I am so happy I tried something new and it turned out to be something I really enjoyed! It’s easy, beneficial and affordable! I can’t wait to go back, I’ll post after my future treatments as well!