Pumpkin Queen

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Alright, so if you've read my recent blog posts, you already know fall is my absolute favorite season. Going to the pumpkin patch, for me, is kind of like going to Disneyland, but not. I LOVE pumpkins, pumpkin flavored anything and taking pictures with pumpkins. Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Culver City has thee cutest setup ever. It's almost as if they knew I was in search of a pumpkin patch to blog at and they arranged a perfect pumpkin house specifically for me to take pictures with. As you can see I was able to dress in one of my favorite fall looks the distressed denim paired with a flannel, but what you can't see is how much I was sweating because it was still SO HOT when we went to shoot. LA needs to turn down the heat ASAP so I can blog without dying of a heat stroke. Luckily I was able to hold it together for what may be my most favorite blog photos ever! I also went home with thee most perfect pumpkin and I can not wait to carve it! 


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This look is effortless and perfect for any fall day. Flannels are a must; they're trendy and if you live where it is actually cold in the fall, they keep you warm. These black booties are literally gold. I have blogged about these gems before but I'll repeat myself: BEST BOOTIES EVER! They are super comfortable, the perfect height and they come in several colors. I will definitely be wearing many variations of this look this fall! Be sure to subscribe and follow me on instagram to keep up to date!