Magical NYC

I titled this blog post “Magical NYC” because I’ve never been to a more magical place, besides maybe Disneyland. The streets are lit up, the vibe is unmatched and every corner is like a scene straight out of Elf. I have always wanted to go to New York during the holidays and I finally had the chance. I managed to knock out everything on my “NYC Christmas List.” I’ll take you throughout my entire trip in this post.

Extra At Disney

This is a photo diary of me and Brenna being extra at Disneyland.... No text needed, the photos are pretty self explanatory. Plus I'm sure you're all v aware of how obsessed I am with Disneyland...


Shoutout to Brenna, who is actually the same person as me... She hates sushi (I did until this year), hates avocado and is willing to take blog photos all day at Disney. I am obsessed with her and you should be too. Her IG and blog.

Also if you haven't been to Disney during the holidays, you better go! You won't regret it! <3



As we transition into fall, I wanted to incorporate some of my fall staples: faux suede trench and black over the knee boots. I'm also transitioning in a different way as well... I have been Vegan all of October! More on that below...


Dosen't this outfit scream fall?! Now only if the weather would cooperate! I live for coats and boots - so these two are on constant outfit repeat, and no one seems to be mad about it. I actually got both of these items last year but I deff see them being part of my fall/winter wardrobe for years to come. I had so much fun shooting with my favorite photographer, Beau Walcheck. Be sure to check out his work, especially his videos, here: website and IG. Talented is an understatement. Shop the pieces below, all correct and similar links!

Faux Suede Trench, Bebe, Size S | OTK Boots Steve Madden | Dress, Similar Pretty Little Thing | Actual Dress, Leith, Size S (only available in grey, olive, blush) | Quay Sunnies (actual ones worn-rim is olive green, lens yellow) | Michael Kors Bag - they only have gold hardware available (bag is my roommates, Hi Kiana :P )

Now let's chat about my other transition.... becoming a vegan! As many of you know from my IG stories, I decided to become a vegan for the month of October..... Why? I just really want to see what all the "hype" was about. I've only heard amazing feedback from everyone who has tried a vegan or plant-based diet, and I wanted to try it out for myself. I have eliminated all animal products from my diet since October 1st. Which hasn't been that hard... Before I was only really consuming chicken, the occasional red meat, and some dairy when already added into products such as butter, baked goods etc. I am not a huge fan of milk or cheese, so that hasn't been an issue. Instead, I have been eating a ton of veggies, fruits, grains, rice, beans and more veggies.

My menu last week consisted of oats in the morning, banana as a morning snack, soy chorizo chili that I made from scratch (soy chorizo at trader joe's is amazing btw- I ate it before being vegan), almonds as an afternoon snack, and veggies stir-fry with like 15 different types of veggies and brown rice or quinoa for dinner. I also spent my first weekend as a vegan in SF so I'll be posting what I ate when I was there in my next post.

I will be honest though - the first week was a rough, I didn't feel "amazing". My body was almost in shock, because it was accustomed to consuming animal products on the daily, and once those products were removed from my diet, my body needed to adjust. I did, however, lose 6 pounds in one week... although my goal isn't to lose weight. Last week I took the entire week off from the gym because I cut my finger while making my chili :( the weight Ioss was based only on the change in my diet, and I am surprisingly eating more and more often.

Ten days in I actually feel pretty good, I can tell my body is adjusting. I feel more awake, energized and present. It's quite nice actually. More to come next week! Have you guys tried a plant based diet? Are you a vegan? Leave a comment below, or let me know on insta.


Waves & Wraps

Happy August Babes! I literally do not know where this year went! I am trying to soak up every last minute of summer, even though Fall is my favorite season. 

Let's focus on the Michal Stars Ruana Wrap for a second, this can be worn as a cover up over your shoulders or waist, as well as a scarf. Dual purpose for the win! I received this wrap in my Fab Fit Fun Box in July and I am obsessed, The Fab Fit Fun Box is a subscription based box that comes four times a year! I have received two boxes so far and I have fallen in love with the products, for example, Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Scrub and my BKR Bottle. I have discovered some amazing brands that I would have not known about without my Fab Fit Fun Box. I do have a discount code that you can use when you sign up, use LABABE for $10 off your first box! Click HERE for the link to Fab Fit Fun's website to sign up, you will not be disappointed, I am already looking forward for the next one!

Also, how cute is this one piece suit from Red Carter Swim? I love the strappy front AND this piece can double as a body suit, which I am all about the dual purpose. It's on sale right now too - scroll down for the link or click here.

Scroll down to find out who took these amazing photos and the story behind this shoot + all the shoppable links


Drum Rolll Please...... The amazing photographer... is..... MY DAD! 

How awesome was he at shooting these photos?! Keep in mind - this is his third or forth time taking my blog photos and he killed it! I do have a funny story to tell... While shooting under the Pismo Pier, a bird decided that it was my dad's lucky day! Yes, my dad was pooped on by a seagull while taking these photos! He is such a trooper and kept going, we luckily had kleenex (thanks mom) and washed it off in the ocean. Shoutout to the best Dad everrrrr for shooting these photos with bird poop on his shirt. And huge shoutout to mom also for coming through with the kleenex during this shoot as well. It takes a village.

Let me know if you have any funny stories to share, whether you were taking pictures of something or someone, something always seems to happen while the camera is out!

Thanks for reading my super long post and leave some love in the comments or on my IG: @emilyemig.


I Screm For Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Who doesn't love to indulge on a hot summer day?


These photos were taken in Pismo Beach a couple weeks ago - I went The Scoop and got Bubble Gum ice cream with rainbow sprinkles! I usually stick with vanilla ice cream topped with almonds and strawberries, but I decided to get a more fun flavor. I was not disappointed! I used to get bubble gum flavor when I was little and it seriously brought me back to my childhood. 

My one piece bathing suit is from Red Carter Swim and my shorts are from Nordstrom. My fun blue tassel earrings are by Baublebar and I seriously incorporate them into every outfit I can - all linked below to shop!

What's your favorite kind of ice cream?

California Dreamin'

Hey There From Pismo Beach! I've been coming here every summer since I was little. I love escaping reality on the Central Coast. PS You'll never guess who took these photos...MY DAD! :) Scroll down to read more...

5948bec1f41044298e14dd13_IMG_3344 copy.jpg
5948bedd916e387fdcc8a8f9_IMG_3311 copy.jpg
5948bf1f88bfc87fea0ebf53_IMG_3338 copy.jpg
5948beb9438d8675dd2fe0aa_IMG_3340 copy.jpg
5948bf4bf41044298e14dd20_IMG_3317 copy.jpg
5948beea88bfc87fea0ebf52_IMG_3306 copy.jpg

Who doesn't love escaping realty? What better place to do that than the Central Coast? While the rest of California is suffering from a major heat wave, I'm wearing a light jacket and waking up to the morning marine layer.

Some of my favorite memories growing up have been here, I love sunset walks on the beach, eating Old West Cinnamon Rolls and going to the SLO Farmers Market on Thursday, If you haven't visited, I highly suggest checking into the Kon Tiki, where all hotels have an ocean view and you're walking distance to downtown. This past weekend was the annual Father's Day Car Show and we were right in the middle of all the action! I will most likely be doing a blog post on my Pismo Fav's, I have quite a few though!

Okay, now for the outfit these shorts and top are the epitome of a summer beach outfit. I lam obsessed with these sleeves and the lace up detail, and its under $30 right now! The sunnies are $12 and I get so many compliments when I wear them. And you can't go wrong with some short shorts. All items linked below.

I hope everyone is staying cool in California! More Pismo posts coming soon,


Desert X

Doug Aitken's: 'Mirage' offers a view of Palm Springs unlike any other. The "mirror house", as some have nicknamed it, has attracted many up to the hillside to experience this one-of-a-kind installations. This life size kaleidoscope pulls in the stunning desert landscape and reflects it back out. I loved experiencing this installation!


The outfit I wore to the Mirage, was a ruffled black romper from ChicWish. I didn't want my outfit to over-power, or blend in, so black was the best option. My black lace up sandals are under $35 and super comfy, they have been my go-to's lately. Baublebar Layered Tassel Earrings + BP Necklace and white sunnies top the look off and are all linked below as well.

Full Palm Springs post including hotel + food photos coming soon, so stay tuned!

I hope everyone is gearing up for Father's Day Weekend, I'm off for yet another getaway. This is my third weekend in a row being out of LA! But I can't wait to be on the central coast with fam.

Shop The Post Below

Romper | Shoes | Earrings | Sunnies | Necklace


East Coast ReCap


So I spared a huge long drawn out blog post including what we did each and everyday. It was hard for me to create OOTD posts because it is literally so cold I ended up wearing the same huge coat over and over again! But I wanted to share most of my pictures that I took throughout the week because I enjoyed every minute of it!

Have you been to D.C. or Philly? Let me know below :) 

Come Sail Away


This past weekend was incredible. I found myself escaping reality for some much need R&R. (Which everyone could use amiright?) Traditionally my parents and I vacation on the Central Coast of California and I was not going to skip out this year! Although I returned to LA with a bit of a sunburn, I had an great weekend relaxing and hanging out with my parents :) (shout out to dad for being my photographer) 

So, first things first, I am obsessed with this hat. Floppy hats with writing on the brim have made their way to the top of summer trends. The first time I saw Eugenia Kim's 'Do Not Disturb'hat on insta I literally had to have it. I found this one (way cheaper) and bought without hesitation. It serves the same purpose and I felt 0% bad about throwing it around in the sand.

This high-neck one-piece bathing suit from Kingdom and State was cut perfectly for tall girls. From the high neck in the front to the plunging low cut back, I love the way this suit fits! Not only does it fit great, but it also slims the mid section which gives this suit the ability to look great on any body type.

After a weekend like this it's hard to get back on the grind, but luckily another fun weekend is ahead! Who else is excited for 4th of July!?

Until next time, 

Painted Ladies


I can't believe it's already the 22nd of June! Who else has had a busy month? I know I have! One of my sisters is getting married, my other sister is due within the next three weeks (I'm going to be an Auntie!!), Father's Day, my mom's birthday, events and traveling, it's no wonder this month is flying by!

I shot this look when I was in San Francisco at the Painted Ladies, or as some people know them, The Full House Houses. Even though I lived in SF for four years I still like to visit this "touristy" spot. The Painted Ladies embody the architectural style that SF is known for so it's always fun to swing by appreciate their beauty. 

Now for the outfit, I am in love with this dress, from the tie-front cutout to the button details throughout to the bottom. I love love love the print, and the colors are a dream. I envision wearing this dress all summer and even into the fall with a leather jacket! The perforated clutch and booties add some extra texture. The shoes, from ShopIppo, are affordable AND super comfortable! Shop Ippo offers all the trendy shoe styles at such an affordable price. Find the ones I'm wearing here. Also use the code "emily30" for 30% off! Shop the links below for all the details and similar options.

I hope everyone has a good week, this weekend I'll be heading to the coast for some much needed R&R.

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