Instagram Roundup

I am finally committing to posting a minimum of 2 times per week on the blog, so get ready for ALL THE CONTENT. I have been trying to plan and organize the perfect instagram, the perfect blog posts and perfect content BUT you know what, I’m saying SCREW IT and posting what and when I want, with whatever filter, caption etc. I notice the posts and photos I post that aren’t planned always do the best, probably because they are raw and in the moment. SO with that being said, I have received some DMs about things I have been wearing in my recent IG posts and I wanted to post everything here in one place for you to browse and shop.

I linked everything in my last few posts, and some similar items for the links I couldn’t find/sold out. The easiest way to shop my posts are on LIKEtoKNOWit or the “SHOP” tab on the top of my blog. This will take you to the direct links and you can shop straight from there. If something isn’t linked I would be more than happy to send you think link via DM or email :)


I seriously wear this crop top every other day, and I sized up and got a medium for a more oversized look.

T3 Micro Discount Code: EMILYT315 for 15% off your entire purchase on

ALSO, the Chanel Bag is borrowed from Bag Borrow Steal, read all about how to borrow designer bags here.


I got a few question on this jumpsuit as well as the cowboy boots - I think mainly because of stagecoach BUT exact pieces are linked below. Boots are TTS as well as the jumpsuit - I am wearing a small.

One of the most bought items from my instagram are these Ray Ban sunnies, these are the hexagonal shape and they are my ride or dies, I lost a pair and immediately had to go buy another STAT.


I always get so many questions about this denim jacket, I two years ago during the Nordstrom anniversary sale it was sold out for a while but I linked the exact one below, the very first one is the exact denim jacket. I also linked a few of my other favorites.

I also had a few question on what barrel I used to curl my hair here. For this hair style I used the 1'“ clip barrel and did a super fast curl so it would look more like waves rather than a curl. T3 Micro Discount Code: EMILYT315 for 15% off your entire purchase on

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This is one of the skirts I wore during Coachella, but I brought it back for a fun beauty brunch. Everything is linked exact below except for the turtleneck - I got the one I’m wearing from Topshop last year and they are out of stock so I linked a super similar one below.

Let me know if this is helpful for you guys and I will continue to post more!

Xo, Emily