Luxury Without Commitment

It’s not a secret that I’ve been rocking a new bag all over my insta. It’s also not a secret that I didn’t buy it. YUP. You read that correct, I didn’t buy the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack that has been in every instagram post since I got it. In fact, quite the opposite. I’m renting it from Bag Borrow or Steal.


I love the idea of renting a designer bag! Especially because as a content creator, I love to have options and variety when creating content. Even if I wasn’t a content creator, having access to Bag Borrow Steal’s database of handbags is like having your own virtual handbag closet. And it’s actually so easy to sign up and get started with Bag Borrow or Steal. I loved the ease of their website and they frequently offer discount codes so you are actually paying LESS!

Now let me walk you through the steps of Bag Borrow or Steal.

  1. CREATE an Account - this took less than five minutes and is just the basics.

    2. DECIDE if you want to Borrow Buy or Sell - You can browse the borrow database as well as the buy database. If you have a handbag you want to sell, you can also offer to sell your bag as well.

    3. CHECKOUT -Once you find a bag you like you can checkout. If you are borrowing you have a full month with your bag! PLUS it’s free shipping + returns.

    4. RETURN - As your month of renting is coming to an end you can choose to extend your time with the bag or simply return it. Returns are free and easy.


The process is super easy and I can’t believe I am just now renting my first bag. At the moment there isn’t a discount code I can offer you, but like I said earlier in the post, they frequently offer discount codes.

Make sure to check out all the bags they have and get started, HERE.

Let me know which bag you would rent first in the comments below!

Xoxo, E