Valentine Gift Guide

Back by popular demand, my Valentine’s Gift Guide is here for you guys, with great commentary I might add.


I combined gifts for him and her together to simplify. I feel like there are only a few things I would actually want to give my SO and there are only a few things I would actually like to receive. Of course, I love a card and flowers, but you came here for a gift guide so I’m going to give you one. All of the gifts I added are things I would actually want and would actually give. ALSO if you want to be my valentine, buy me a disney annual pass (mine expired yesterday) and take me to disney for valentine’s and I’ll be yours forever.


  1. Gucci Belt - I wear this almost everyday, and consider this an investment piece, but one that is so worth it. Your girl will love you forever if you gift her this.

  2. Cylinder Wine Glasses - I’ve wanted these for over a year. They’re the cutest and I need them. Your girl would need a set of 4 or 6, or I guess you can get her 2 for just you and her.

  3. LOVE Necklace - These letter necklaces are super in right now and would be the perfect gift! And it literally goes with everything so your girl won’t have any good reasons of why she’s not wearing it.

  4. Adidas Sneakers - I have an unhealthy obsession with white sneakers and I NEED THESE. They're V hard to keep clean but they are so so so cute. Your girl would agree.

  5. Candle - THIS CANDLE SMELLS AMAZING. If only you could smell it through the device you’re reading this on. Buy it for your girl and you can see for yourself.

  6. Gucci Bag - I added the red color to the guide because it went with the valentine theme, but I prefer the beige or black which you can view when you click the link. This bag is timeless and such an amazing gift. Your girl will LOVE you.

  7. Marble Suitcase - I have this suitcase and it is so ideal. The inside includes organizational pouches and holds everything I need. Plus, the marble is the cherry on top, SO. CUTE.


  8. Amazon Echo - My photographer, who is a guy, loves his - so he inspired this gift. Also guys need all the help they can get… amirite? LOL. All jokes aside, this would be super helpful and highly used.

  9. New Nike’s - I love me a guy in some cute workout shoes. I especially love these and think your guy would too!

  10. Ray Ban Sunnies - Any guy that wears these is automatically good looking! And most guys don’t know how to buy good sunnies for themselves, help them out.

  11. Calvin Klein Boxers - I bet your guy needs new boxers. Guys literally suck at buying essentials. Seriously, we have to do everything.

  12. Adidas Sweatshirt - Buy him a sweatshirt that you can steal. It’s a win win! But really, guys love sweatshirts.

  13. Bose Wireless Headphones - I’ve heard these are better than the Apple Airpods. I wouldn’t mind getting these as well!

  14. Tom Ford Cologne - I think I have included this on every gift guide for the past year. It smells amazing and is a generic gift that you can’t ever go wrong with giving.

That’s all for the gift ideas, do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!