The Lowdown on Blogger Events


I’m sure you can already guess what this post is about from the title, so here is my take on what really goes down at all the blogger events I attend. Surprisingly, this was a highly requested post. Possibly because these events come off as a super exclusive and you only see the pretty instagrammable photos that are posted as a result… but really goes on…?

BWB_e.l.f._Crustacean-2 (1).jpg

First of all, let me rewind to how I get invited. As a blogger in the Los Angeles area, a huge part of my job is attending events. I usually attend anywhere from 1-5 events a week. PR companies, brands or other bloggers will email an invitation and I can choose to attend or decline. 90% of the time I attend because I see these events as a HUGE networking opportunity, which is essentially what most bloggers will use these events for. Also, full disclosure, some bloggers including myself will often get paid to attend events. Depending on what the event is for, the most common events being: a product launch, new season apparel, a new restaurant opening, movie premier, a casual brunch get together etc. the attendees will be chosen specifically for that event. I tend to see a lot of the same faces at the events I attend. I used to decline events if I didn’t have a plus one because I wouldn’t know anyone going, but now since I have attended many I usually go solo and will see at least one familiar face. Although it always looks like everyone is friendly, not everyone can be, that’s why it’s nice to already know someone going. This leads me into the main topic, what actually happens at these events?

Once I arrive it’s usually the same routine at every event - grab a drink, chat with attendees and brand employees, meet some new faces, take a ridiculous amount of photos, learn about the products/clothing/ watch movie/play games/sit down and eat (all depending on what kind of event it is), post to my instagram story, chat some more, drink another drink, meet some more people, get your goodie bag full of products/clothes/etc., and then head out. Seems simple, right? No. There is A LOT going on at one event. It seems effortless and easy but it actually is quite a lot of work, because these events are actually work for us. Once I get home after an event I am always exhausted. I am not complaining whatsoever, these events are a huge perk of being a blogger, but here are some things that you don’t see in our pretty instagrammable photos.

Walking into a room full of people you follow online and feel like you “know”, but don’t actually know in real life is quite intimidating. I mean, can you imagine walking into a room of all your favorite bloggers? Intimidating AF. I know a lot of bloggers who have social anxiety walking into these types of situations. 99.9% of the time everyone is willing to meet, network and get to know you. but I have heard that some bloggers aren’t that nice in real life. Luckily, I haven’t really experienced this first hand… but I think I have experienced “fake nice.” Fake nice is just what you would think it is, and I think everyone, even non-bloggers, have been fake nice to someone in a social situation and you can usually tell when it is happening, or at least I think I can. Nothing to take too personal though, just comes with the territory.

On top of trying to network, I try to take as many photos as possible - especially if it it required by the brand to post an in feed photo. Every event is different with their posting requirements. Some brands require photos to be posted in real time at the event when you are there, some require a post but do not have a specific posting time (so you can post whenever you would like), some require storying while you’re there, and some do not require you to post at all. Sometimes you get a great photo in 5 minutes sometimes it takes 30, it all depends on lighting, photographers (if the event even has a photographer), how many people are trying to take the same photo etc. All while trying to get “the shot” you are trying to socialize, post on your story and be fully present. It’s hard to juggle all these things at once, and I often joke that it takes “practice” to get this down. I’m still working on this.

In short, (even though this is a super long post) that’s essentially what goes down at these events. It is work, it is exhausting, but I love attending events. I leave every event with a new business relationship, amazing product and/or a new friend.

The event featured in this post was a collaboration between Bloggers Who Brunch X E.L.F. Cosmetics focusing on the product launch of their new face cream Hello Hydration at Crustacean. I had an amazing time at this event and loved the food! I have been using the Hello Hydration Face Cream - it’s incredible and contains the ingredient hyaluronic acid, which helps provide hydration by locking in moisture and reducing water loss resulting in a plumped up, bouncy complexion. And the price won’t break the bank at $12! Shop here.


Questions about anything I didn’t cover? Leave me a comment below :)

*All photos taken by Claire Hunstberger