Eyelash Extensions


Every time I get my lashes done I always get so many questions about them. Everything from where I get them done to how do I deal with them on the daily. I decided it was time to finally write a blog post answering some of the most frequently asked questions - and this is the realAF version.

  1. Why do I get eyelash extensions?

    A decent amount of people ask why I get them done. Honestly, they’re addicting. The first time I had my lashes done was March 2017 for a blog shoot. I’ve had them on since then, except for a 6 month break that I’ll get into later. I love waking up and looking glam. I love not having to wear strip lashes. I love not having to wear a ton of make up when I leave the house. These seem like superficial reasons, but as a blogger I like to look my best at all times and lashes make that possible with minimal effort.

  2. Where do I get my lashes done?

    Initially I was getting my lashes done at Blinkbar, but now I go to Ashley Elizabeth Beauty. Her instagram is here. Ashley was the first person who ever did my lashes (at Blinkbar) and after going to a few other random people and getting an infection I decided to stick with her.

  3. What style do you ask for?

    For me, the point of having eyelash extensions is to have more exaggerated and more noticeable lashes - especially when I am shooting for the blog. So, I have Ashley use the longest lashes (size 16 I think) and she adds them in all over. I don’t prefer cateye (small in the corner of your eye, longer at the end) or any other style. I just like my lashes as long as possible. She also adds in volume to make my lashes look fuller and thicker.

  4. Do you ever take a break from eyelash extensions?

    Yes, but not intentionally. Earlier I mentioned I took a 6 month break. My eyes got an infection (twice - once in each eye) when I was going to random people at the previous place I was going to. This is why I decided to stick with the same person. It really is super important to do your research and find a salon/person that understands your needs. I decided to re-connect with Ashley after going to randoms and she chatted with me and was able to switch out the eye pads that may have been giving me the infection. Whatever was giving me the infection is still unknown, but I haven’t had any issues since only going to Ashley. PLUS she gets my lashes right every single time, because she knows what I want.

  5. How do you sleep/care for them?

    First of all, do not wash your lashes for 24 hours after getting them. This is super important to keep them intact longer. I DO NOT WEAR MASCARA. Seriously it ruins everything lol. I only wear full make up when I go to events or when I am shooting so it’s easy to keep them clean most days. Oil free make up remover and special lash wash (I think it’s baby soap but I’m not sure lol) from Ashley keep my lashes clean. Ashley also gives my spoolies (I think thats what they’re called) and I brush my lashes daily after I wash them to keep them full and fluffy. I also sleep with my head resting on my hands so my lashes don’t touch the pillows - because when you sleep on them they flatten and come out faster.

  6. Whats the process like when you get them?

    I go in with no make up on my eyes, if you do, you can take it off when you get there but it’s easier not to have any on when you arrive. I lay down, relax and Ashley applies the pads and gets to eyelash business. It usually takes 2 hours to apply a full set. Ashley and I usually catch up and chat the entire time, but she says people will often take naps during the two hours. It’s a pretty easy process. It doesn’t hurt at all. It’s not uncomfortable. It’s quite relaxing.

  7. Are they damaging?

    No. The eyelash extensions fall out naturally with your lash. In my experience falsies with glue have ruined my lashes more than extensions.

I think those are he most asked questions, if you have any additional questions leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you :)

Ashley’s Instagram, here.

Ashley’s Website, here.

Thank you all for reading, let me know if you have had lashes or if you get them!


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