As most of you know, I am a T3 Micro Partner, and frequently post on my story and feed about their various products and hairstyles. But what most of you don't know is, how much I truly believe in the brand and love their products.


Prior to becoming a T3 partner I was gifted the convertible collection (first photo). Once I started using these barrels, I never went back to my old tools. There is something so unique and powerful about the T3 tools that set them apart from any other brand, (and they are the prettiest!) I blow dry, brush and style my hair all using only T3 products. Soon, I will even be installing a shower head created by T3 as well! Every time I am traveling or getting ready with my girls, they all request to use my T3 tools as well. I would love to to a giveaway soon, to share with you guys as well! What products would you be interested in receiving? 

One of my favorite hair styles I have created thus far with my T3 tools is my summer waves (last two photos). I used the SinglePass Wave tool and curled away from my face. I love the tapered barrel because it allows for the hair to have a different wave length throughout the strand. Once the waves are combed out my hair stays the entire day (sometimes, if I'm lucky three days after!)‍

Shop all tools below and let me know which items you would like to be part of the giveaway!