What do you get when you mix, Tamara Mellon (Co-Founder of Jimmy Choo), Katherine Power (Co-Founder of Who What Wear), Platform LA,100+ badass girls, and Q&A sesh where Mellon shared a new fashion philosophy? 


You get the, "I'm going to change the world and be part of something bigger #GIRLPOWER inspiration".  

"The world is going to start looking at LA and LA fashion, and I want to be at the tipping point of that," says Mellon who hit the reset button, threw out the fashion rule book and moved her company from NYC to LA. Tamara Mellon's new business philosophy REALLY disrupts the current way the fashion industry works. Just think of living in a world where we didn't have to wait six months to purchase our fav pieces from the September shows. Her new model focuses on the now and instant gratification, meaning you see it now AND you get it now. This new way of business means cutting seasons, retailers, cost and time all together.

All I could think to my millennial self was, FINALLLLLY, someone else gets it! 

I like to think of myself as a rule breaker, (my mother will definitely agree), and if the rules of fashion are tired and outdated, why not break them? Why do something just because it is the way it has always been done?