Festival Essential: Volition's Prismatic Luminizing Sun Shield

One of the many things I have been obsessing over lately: my skin and it's care aka skincare. I have been committed to my nightly skincare routine, cutting out tanning in the bed AND wearing as much sunscreen as possible. Wearing sunscreen all the time is difficult and can be a bit un-glamorous at times because it is usually greasy, smells weird and leaves white sunscreen residue everywhere...

Meet the answer to my sunscreen dilemma: Volition Beauty's Prismatic Luminizing Shield SPF 50, a lightweight, luminous sunscreen that I actually can wear on the daily. Seriously. 


This past weekend I took the Prismatic Luminizing Shield to Coachella and it did not disappoint. I was able to apply in the morning and on the go, without feeling greasy or smelling like sunscreen. I attended multiple events that took place in the direct sunlight and I was so thankful I had this. The best part about this product - it leaves a gorgeous glow on your skin. I think one person even asked if I was wearing highlight on my skin for a "natural glow" - and I said, "No, girl that's my sunscreen!" I am all about this product and will continue to pack it for all upcoming festivals and trips in the summer sun. A gorgeous glow and SPF 50, whats not to love? 

Get yours in all Sephora stores, here.