Perfect Florals & Valentines

Floral Dresses are always a yes for me. Valentine's is almost here and you can wear this (or a similar one) for a more causal date... scroll down for my idea of a perfect Valentine's.


I love any and all things boho. This dress from Miss Me (click for direct link) is the perfect combination of feminine boho, just in time for Valentine's. I love the rose pattern and how it flows perfectly. This dress would be perfect for a casual day date and you can take this into the spring season.

If I could plan out my own fantasy Valentine's date (that's still realistic) this is what it would look like: He would pick me up and we would go to an amazing Italian dinner, possibly a rooftop view, next to a fire pit overlooking the city. Glass or glasses of wine, bread (yes carbs), and pasta (more carbs), and dessert. Sorry not sorry, gotta eat good on holidays... :) Then after dinner, straight to the movies to see 50 Shades Freed. Hey, this is my fantasy date. But I'll also take Disneyland after dinner if the movie seems a bit extreme.

My unrealistic fantasy Valentine's Date includes a v similar plot line as above, except a bit different: He would send a car to bring me to his private plane to then fly to Italy for a real Italian Dinner, then off to Paris for Disneyland Paris, just in time for fireworks. And since were already in Europe we might as well do Greece the next week... amirite? Just dreaming over here.

Don't get me wrong, I love to stay in also. Last year we stayed in and made an amazing dinner and dessert from scratch and watched movies with wine on the couch.

What's your idea of a Valentine's date?