Casual Valentine's

Casual Valentine's in the cutest Jing Limted Helen Turtleneck Sweater.


Valentine's Week is here! I hope you have your outfit picked out. If you''re going somewhere casual like a movie, bowling, chill dinner or night in, a red sweater like this one from Jing Limited, is the perfect option. Pair with blue, black or white denim and some booties and you have yourself a casual Valentines look.

Valentines Day has so many expectations that come along with it, but I can honestly say I've never had a Valentines Day that has lived up to my expectations. Most everyone I know, whether in a relationship or not, are not doing anything special this year... In my opinion, Valentines should be extra and over the top. Everyone's excuse is "I don't need a day to show someone how much I care for them, I care for them and show them all the time" WRONG. More often than not, this statement is wrong. It's nice to have a day to appreciate one another and be together. So I believe in Valentines and being extra. Sorry not sorry. Do you agree?