How To Shop My Outfits

Happy Day 4 and 5 of Blogmas… I skipped day 4 and went to Disneyland - so if you missed me yesterday be sure to watch my “Disney” highlight on my instagram, I added a few photos and videos from our day there.

I have been receiving some DMs about how to shop my outfits so I wanted to re-share how to shop my looks.

First, I always try to link every exact product I am wearing with

Second, the easiest way to shop my linked looks is by downloading the app and following me or “liking” my photos on instagram. When you “like” my photo on instagram my photo will show up in your app and you can click and shop the products I linked.

Third, there is a ‘SHOP’ tab on the top on my blog and that takes you to a shoppable page so you can shop my looks from there as well.

Below I added some screenshots showing you how to shop my looks:

If you still have questions, please DM me! I’m always willing to share links and info on anything i post :)