My First Glytone Peel


A few days ago I stopped by Dr. Debra Luftman’s office in Calabasas to receive my first Glytone Peel. I posted a few instagram stories while I was there but I wanted to share my full experience, including after and answer some questions I received. To learn more about Glytone, head over to their website, here.

I’ve heard great things about peels and the importance of receiving them but had never experienced one myself. When I arrived at the office Danielle, the esthetician, and I had a quick consultation about my skin and what I wanted in terms of results from the peel. I think everyone’s skin goal is perfection…. right? But I started off by telling Danielle I had a few uneven tones in my cheeks and forehead. I also told her I was concerned about fine lines around my mouth and eyes. What I wanted to tell her was make my face look like the photoshopped/facetune version…- but I held off.

Danielle took a look at my skin and decided the best peel for my skin was the Glytone Professional by Enerpeel® Glycolic Acid 30. This was the best Glytone peel for me because this peel clears up congestion ( the redness I was seeing in my cheeks and forehead), refines the skin, and evens the skin tone and texture. Once Danielle started the treatment, it only took a few minutes to complete. When the peel was applied I felt a tingly sensation all over my face. She frequently checked on me to see if my pain tolerance was over a 5, but it never exceeded a 3ish. After a few minutes Danielle removed the peel and applied the recovery cream and sunscreen. Overall, the process of receiving the peel was quick, easy and essentially painless. (I assume other people have more sensitivity since she frequently asked me if I was doing okay). Danielle also went over a few things that I will go over in the questions below?

What is a Glytone Peel?

Glytone is the brand of peel that was used during my visit. A chemical peel is a cosmetic service known to remove dead skin cells and toxins from the face, revealing healthier and smoother skin.

How long did it take?

My peel took a bit longer than most people’s because I was creating content while I was there. But the actual peel itself took about 15-30 including the consultation and set up/cleanup time.

What did you look like after?

I took some photos of before during and after for you to see - I think I looked like my normal self, maybe a hint of redness. Not having my brows on was worse than my post treatment look :O

I hear peels are painful, did yours hurt?

The peel made my face feel uncomfortable and tingly for a few minutes but I never experienced any pain during the process.

What instructions were you given after?

I was told to avoid the sun and sweat for a few hours. Danielle recommended I avoid working out and applying make up for the rest of the day for the best results. She also advised wearing sunscreen 30+ daily. And she emphasized, sunscreen that isn’t already included in my makeup.

How often should you get the peel and would I get it again?

Danielle advised for me to get a peel every three weeks. It’s easier to prevent than to correct. As a blogger, I try out a lot of different products on my face whether it be make up or skin care so she recommended getting peels frequently to off-set the damage. She knows not every product is perfect for everyone and damage can be done without even knowing. With that said, I would definitely get another Glytone Peel.







I’m continuing this blog post two weeks later. No, I didn’t see crazy miracle results in my skin after this peel. BUT, I have noticeable slight changes in my skin tone. It has evened out in the past two weeks. And that is enough for me. Peels are meant to be done every three weeks. And over time my skin will eventually be where I want it to be. One treatment is not going to be a cure all, but after time and multiple treatments your skin can gradually become flawless!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Xoxo, E