Be Mine

Hard to believe, but I had such a hard time choosing what I wanted for Valentine's... Besides the obvious Roses and Rosé, I almost didn't know what to add. Scroll down for commentary and links.


From left to right, top to bottom

Jewelry // the most obvious gift that will never get old

Perfume // another obvious/basic gift, but I have never not liked getting my signature scent as a gift

Gucci // so outplayed, but I stillllll want this bag, it's perfection

Voluspa Candles // the most fragrant and cute candles ever, I always have a candle burning when I am home, so I always need more :) 

Miraval Rosé // my absolute favorite rosé, you can get it trader joes, total wine or online and it is soooooo worth it every time I buy it

Boxed Roses // there is a difference between getting flowers and boxed roses. I prefer the boxed roses because they are so insta worthy and they last a long time

Nike Jacket // sporty and cute, I'm in. size small please.

Card // I am a card person, and this sushi valentines card is the cutest thing ever (especially since I just started eating sushi)

Shar's Berries // pretty sure these aren't vegan, but I'm willing to try them out ;) extra credit if you can find vegan chocolate covered strawberries!

Gucci Belt // sometimes I just need a gucci belt.... it takes my basic jeans and tee outfit to the next level

Jewelry Box // I am in desperate need of a jewelry box and this would look great with my room aesthetic

Nike Shoes // save the best for last, well actually I prefer the gucci items, but the nike's are more realistic and I have been wanting these for FOREVER, size 8 please

Hope this was helpful to you, whether you're shopping for me or your significant other, or just a girl scoping out some new finds.

*Always remember Valentines is about spending time with loved ones, not about the gifts <3 I always remember who I am with, not necessarily the gifts given...