Labor Day Red

Labor Day is already THIS weekend?! I have always loved Labor Day, not only because summer is coming to an end (I HATE HEAT), but because I always have a three day weekend on my birthday :) Shop this dress from JD Luxe below.


Although my go-to color on Labor Day weekend is usually white, I couldn't pass up this stunning red dress from JD Luxe. Shop the Cortez Dress here. I did, however, pair this dress with my TopShop cross strap sandals, just to somewhat follow the white trend. 

My thoughts on wearing white after Labor Day: DO IT! Wearing white after Labor Day is a known taboo, but I love incorporating white into my fall and winter wardrobe. Winter whites are so chic, if worn correctly. If McQueen shows whites for winter, it's an absolute DO in my book. Don't play by the rules. Keep wearing those shades of white, cream and off-white all year round.

What are your Labor Day plans? I'll be in NYC, most likely on a rooftop, sipping some rosé. Because duh. Share your plans with me on IG or in the comments below.

Dress: JD Luxe wearing size M

Shoes: Top Shop Cross Strap Sandal in White only $35!

xoxo, E