California Dreamin'

Hey There From Pismo Beach! I've been coming here every summer since I was little. I love escaping reality on the Central Coast. PS You'll never guess who took these photos...MY DAD! :) Scroll down to read more...

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Who doesn't love escaping realty? What better place to do that than the Central Coast? While the rest of California is suffering from a major heat wave, I'm wearing a light jacket and waking up to the morning marine layer.

Some of my favorite memories growing up have been here, I love sunset walks on the beach, eating Old West Cinnamon Rolls and going to the SLO Farmers Market on Thursday, If you haven't visited, I highly suggest checking into the Kon Tiki, where all hotels have an ocean view and you're walking distance to downtown. This past weekend was the annual Father's Day Car Show and we were right in the middle of all the action! I will most likely be doing a blog post on my Pismo Fav's, I have quite a few though!

Okay, now for the outfit these shorts and top are the epitome of a summer beach outfit. I lam obsessed with these sleeves and the lace up detail, and its under $30 right now! The sunnies are $12 and I get so many compliments when I wear them. And you can't go wrong with some short shorts. All items linked below.

I hope everyone is staying cool in California! More Pismo posts coming soon,