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I wanted to conclude the Coachella lookbook with all things boho-chic; lace, bell sleeves,choker and fringe. Leaving you with look 3, Hella Chella.

Look 3 embodies everything a festival queen would want in an outfit! I was hesitant at first to shoot this outfit because the dress and vest are from Spring/Summer last year, BUT I was able to find similar pieces for you guys! There is quite a bit of detail in this outfit, (two types of fringe, lace sleeves, choker, braids, sunnies) but the details are what draw you in. And since there is no such thing as too much fringe, I doubled up with two different shades of brown fringe to offset the white. I just can't seem to stray away from the fringe and bell-sleeves. And per usual, I stuck with a neutral color palette throughout the entire lookbook.

This concludes my 2016 Coachella Lookbook, I hope everyone has an amazing and safe Coachella! See you in the desert :)