Eve Of Christmas Eve


Happy Eve of Christmas Eve! :) Every year my mom hosts Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! So we have a full house two days in a row. Our food tradition since we're Italian is homemade spaghetti and ravioli's on Christmas Eve and roast beef on Christmas Day. We celebrate on Christmas Eve, so tomorrow is food, drinks and presents, and my newest tradition, play with the babies! It's so fun to see the holidays through the eyes of a kid and I am so excited to see my niece and twin nephews tomorrow.

My ultimate Christmas wish is a husky puppy. V unrealistic though since I am never home and would barely have time for a puppy.... but as I get older I am getting closer and closer to actually being ready... HINT HINT MOM AND DAD

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and if you of you get a puppy I wanna see :) 

The lovely ladies with me are @leahburbank and @nazyfarnoosh

The amazing photographer is @thefashionfuneral