Best Friend VS. Frenemy

What to get your best friend and what to get the one friend you have to get something for but don't want too.... because sometimes we get stuck in a gift exchange with someone we don't like....


Best Friend:

1. Ouai Tavel Hair Care Kit - for the bestie on the go with amazing hair

2. Lawless Matte Lip Color in Romeo - so she can wear matte lipstick without asking you constantly if she needs to reapply...

3. BaubleBar Gabriela Tassel Earrings - fun but classy, just like your bestie

4. Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette - so she can stop using yours

5.  Madison Park Oversized Throw - my bestie is experiencing her first NYC winter! #sos #sendallthefauxfurs

6. YSL Cardholder - because duhhhhh

7. T3 Mirco Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand - again, so she will stop using yours :P

8. Miraval Rosé - get her a nice bottle bc she deserves if after putting up with you all year :) 


9. Glass Pickle Ornament - even if your frenemy loves pickles they'll still be like WTF. Perfect.

10. Arbor Mist Sangria - nothing quite says I don't like you like a cheap bottle of wine...

11. Cookbook - hahaha, a cookbook for someone you don't like is gold, especially if you know they suck at cooking...

12. Socks - because everyone loves where's waldo socks.... not.

13. The perfume you wear - this means your scent sucks and mine is better, here, take it...

*Disclaimer: I don't have a frenemy, but I thought this would be fun to make since I have been doing opposites on all of my gift guides! Hope you enjoyed LOL!