Fall Floral + Update

Life has been extremely crazy lately, anyone else feel the same? Time for a life update + random thoughts blog post. All outfit pieces linked below. This fall floral top got so much love on my IG when I posted it - included the link, it's on sale for $27!


Life has beeeen crazy lately. Let's dive right into it. As most of you know, I have a "normal" job. I work in real estate and lately we have been insanely busy, I'm working close to 10 hour days... then somehow I manage to get myself to the gym and then I get around to posting on instagram for you guys. I am going to taking advantage of this weekend to organize some content to get back to posting twice a day!

Last month I went vegan for a month, I updated you guys after ten days, and I meant to update you guys before now, but see above. I can't say enough good about my month as a vegan. For me, it was super easy to transition and to stick to it. My meals on a daily basis were as follows: Breakfast: oats/fruit/avo toast. Lunch: Salad or soup. Snack: peanut butter + apple, banana, lots of almonds. Dinner: Veggie stir-fry with rice or quinoa (my stir fry is AMAZING, just saying). I drank al lot of water throughout the day and at night green tea and obvi coffee with soy or almond milk in the morning. I lost overall 12 pounds! My body felt the the transition at the beginning of the month, but by the end of the month I felt so amazing. I did cheat on my vegan diet when I was in Disneyland because it was SO difficult to eat vegan there... but other than that I was pretty strict. Now, 10 days into November, I am still sticking to my plant based diet. I consumed meat last weekend when I was home, but only because I couldn't pass up my moms cooking :) I did find some amazing restaurants that offer vegan menus or just all vegan options, three of my go-to's are: Rosti's in Calabasas, The Harvest Bar in Sherman Oaks and Hugo's in West Hollywood/Sherman Oaks. A vegan diet is so beneficial and it works for me. And YES, I get enough protein. Veggies, beans, avocado + shakes all offer an immense about of protein without having to eat any animals.

Random Thoughts/Updates:

My sister is in labor and I am going to be an Auntie times two!!

Veterans Day is tomorrow, and I have thee up most respect for our Vets. I stand for the national anthem, I thank our soldiers and honor the sacrifice they made to keep my rights and freedoms. My Grandpa fought in WWII and he still tells stories to this day. So to allll the vets out there, thank you.

The holidays are right around the corner and I am so excited, but I wish time would slow down... this year flew by!

Okay life update complete! I'm sure I'm missing a lot but this post is so extra with it's length.

This outfit was shot in Walnut Creek with one of my favorite photographers, Beau Walchek check him out here: His Website or His Instagram. I am obsessed with this floral top and it's only $27!

Hope everyone likes these updates, let me know if you want more...