On The Go


Here I am again bringing you another look from JD Luxe! For those of you who missed the first look click here to find out all about the truck and Mortar fashion truck concept! 

This look involves a very on-the-go vibe. Lately I have been bringing this backpack everywhere because I am able to travel hands free. I feel like I can put it on and go (with coffee) - hence the on-the-go vibe! The backpack is available at the JDLuxe truck at The Village, coming soon online! 

And this Woldt High Neck Tunic is the epitome of fall! I wore this piece as a dress because it is still warm in LA, but I will deff be layering with jeans and boots once the temp drops a bit. They are going quick, so be sure to get your hands on this fall piece ASAP! Find it here.

The booties are from Old Navy believe it or not, and they have also been selling out because they are so affordable! I have been wearing these non-stop also! Links below! 

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