Maxin Out In JD LUXE


Happy Wednesday Babes! 

SO, who here has heard of Truck and Mortar? Like Brick and Mortar but on wheels? Think of your favorite food truck but, instead of food, fashion. That is what JD Luxe has created. I first visited the Truck and Mortar at The Village in Woodland Hills and fell in love with the innovative idea of making fashion accessible anywhere. The JD Luxe fashion truck has popped up at Coachella, Melrose Place Farmers Markets and even Rosenthal Wineries Tasting Room right on the beach in Malibu! 

The cherry on top is how freakin' cute all of the clothing is! The JD Luxe vibe is boho-meets-city, and I love how relatable the brand is to my own personal style. It's almost as if I hand picked everything in the truck myself. The ultimate example is this Juniper Maxi (direct link). The fit, color and style of this maxi is everything. I have also become obsessed with the idea of using a backpack instead of a handbag. Having a backpack enables me to be hands free and not worry about my purse hitting things around me (I know I can't be the only one thats is constantly hitting everything with my purse!) I also love having a backpack when I'm shooting because I can carry my camera on my back rather than having an entire side of my body be weighed down.

AND all the accessories are from JD Luxe as well (soon to be added to the website so stay tuned) Are you convinced that JD Luxe is the only place you need to be shopping, because I am. 

Head over to to check out all the new fall arrivals, and also peek their insta @jdluxefashion for promotions and events!Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter for updates and more outfits from JD Luxe!