Stripes & Denim

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It’s 7:30 am. You’re already running late. Your hair is a mess AND you have nothing to wear. Face it, we’ve all been there. Thankfully for mornings like these I like to have casual ensembles pre-picked just in case. It's nice to have a think-free go-to look for those mornings. Nothing says effortless quite like a denim vest over black and white stripes. Lately I have been loving stripes and since I already have a long-sleeved version of this dress had to get the sleeveless version, from 2020Ave, as well.

For my casual looks I tend to gravitate more towards a pattern along with denim piece, whether it be jeans and a top or a dress with a denim jacket. I find that any print works well under a denim jacket especially during spring! So, if you find yourself constantly struggling with what to wear in the morning try and pre-pick an outfit beforehand, and if you’re going for a more casual look I highly suggest adding some denim in the mix!