Blogmas Day 9 Sweater Weather


It is finally time for sweater weather in LA! Still in these last couple weeks, we have had some days where the temperature was still in the mid-70s. Every time I see words sweater weather I think of that song by The Neighbourhood, if you haven’t heard it, I added the link, here, just for you listen too while you read this post J

Anyways, here is look one of three, from my sweater weather lookbook. I have two other sweaters to share with you further into December so stay tuned for those!

I remember when I bought this sweater, I was looking for a fall outfit to shoot at the pumpkin patch and I stumbled across this. I didn’t want to shoot a sweater, but I ended trying it on and LOVING it. So, I bought it and saved it for cooler weather. This is the ideal sweater for SoCal winters, because it doesn’t actually get that cold, so the cut outs are realistic. And this sweater also works for everyone in colder climates as well because you can layer it up with practically anything. The beige color pairs well with any other color and the material isn’t too thick so layering up won’t get too bulky!

I also am living in this pair of Agoldie ripped black denim and thick basic black choker as well! They pair well with everything in my closet!

Do you have any favorite sweaters? Leave me a link below!

Happy Weekend!