Blogmas Day 7: The Merriest Place On Earth

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So like I said earlier, if you're new here, one thing you need to know is how much love I have for Disneyland. I have grown up coming here, even since before I can even remember. Disneyland takes the real world and turns it into a magical paradise where anything is possible, and that idea alone is what keeps me coming back. Even at 24, I still believe the characters are real, I still duck and cover on Indiana Jones and I still get giggy every time I'm walking into Disneyland. There is no place on Earth that compares and I am obsessed. So I wanted to share a few photos from my recent trips during the Holidays. They completely transform the park into the Merriest Place on Earth and I wish I could go every night! (Technically I could with my Annual pass!)

SO if you haven't been I highly suggest going at least once in your life! It's truly magical :) 

Also look at some old photos I found recently! 

Last year:


High School Emily: (comical, I know!)

College Emily: (Wearing that same shirt that I just wore during my most recent time at Dland!)


And Baby Emily: