Blogmas Day 11 Holiday Dates


I will admit, this is the first year since high school that I have a boyfriend to do fun holiday activities with, so of course, we have been checking off fun holiday activities that we (I) have wanted to do! This past weekend River and I made a trip to San Francisco and explored the beautifully festive city! (Stay tuned for the blog re-cap of out trip coming this week.) But for this Blogmas post I wanted to share some of our dates that we have done and some that are coming up!

·         Ice Skating – Of course, I have always envisioned myself holding hands with someone and ice skating around the Union Square ice rink, and this year my vision became a reality! (More details and pics to come this week)

·         Holiday Shopping –Holiday shopping makes for a great date night as well. As much as River may not want to shop, it is still a fun date for both, considering every shopping center is decked out with décor, a Christmas tree and music!  You can grab dinner, shop for whoever, grab a coffee and dessert and enjoy walking around with one another.

·         Skiing/Snowboarding – I absolutely love going to the snow, and that could be a perfect date by itself, but where there is snow there is slopes! Snowboarding is fun to learn together as a couple or even go as experienced riders. Then you can head back to the cabin for a warm and cozy night of dinner and a movie. I think River and I are going to try and go up to Tahoe with my roommate and our friends for a fun weekend, hopefully soon! My favorite resorts are Squaw and Heavenly.

·         DIY – Whether it be crafting ornaments, stockings or a wreath for your home, a do-it-yourself project is a fun couples date. River and I love creating and being crafty so this gives us a chance to stay in and wind down, have a glass of wine and create a cute keepsake from this year.

·         Christmas Tree Shopping/Decorating -  Although I have never had a real Christmas tree, I would love to go, at least once, to the Christmas Tree Farm and cut down a tree for my home. (Well River would do the cutting lol!) If didn’t already have an artificial tree I would for sure make a date out of this, with dinner and decorating to follow. Decorating the tree is something that has always been special to me, so this makes for a perfect date night.  

·         Christmas Baking – And finally, baking. Christmas Baking is a tradition that I appreciate, and usually share with my mom, but since I live in LA and she lives up North, I’m recruiting River to help! Even if you aren’t good at baking you can still participate by buying the pre-made gingerbread houses and cookies! But if your and experienced baker you can make everything from scratch, which always tastes better! Making cookies together is about as cute as it gets, even if your man just “taste tests”.

Do you have any holiday traditions? Share them below :)