Blogmas Day 10 Holiday Movies


When the weather finally cooperates in Los Angeles, I love getting into the Holiday spirit with a cozy blanket, a warm cup of cocoa and Christmas movie. I feel like I have been waiting forever for the weather to cool down so I could cuddle up and watch some movies! It doesn’t quite feel like Christmas without seeing some of these movies, don’t you agree?

Here is a list of my favorites:

·         Elf

·         White Christmas

·         How The Grinch Stole Christmas

·         The Holiday

·         The Nightmare Before Christmas

·         A Charlie Brown Christmas

·         Home Alone

·         The Santa Claus

·         Miracle on 34th Street

·         The Family Stone

I have grown up watching these movies and they hold a special place in my heart, especially Elf because we watch this as a family traditionally on Thanksgiving to get in the Christmas spirit.

Let me know your favorite holiday movie in the comments!