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With the holidays and 2015 behind us, it’s time to look ahead to the year ahead. I took a lot of much needed time these past couple weeks to enjoy being with my family but I’m back and ready to kill it this year! Starting off the year in neutrals in front of The Broad seemed to be the best way to begin.  As you all should know by now I live in these Steve Madden Boots, I love pairing them with everything including this super trendy faux suede A-line skirt from Abercrombie. (Links below!) The scarf bundled around my neck is from Shop Zyania. Although they are currently sold out they have similar styles and colors to this one. And last but not least my favorite winter sweater that I have had for three years now. I purchased this luscious white fur sweater at H&M in San Francisco when I was in college and I love how it transforms with every accessory and any way I wear it. It’s often my blank canvas when it’s cold.

Hopefully everyone had a great New Years!

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