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Once again I apologize for my lack of blog posts lately, I have been super busy with moving, switching jobs and my 23rd birthday, but I am back and ready to blog (with a new camera, YAY!) Let’s start things off with my absolute favorite new workout outfit from Inflowstyle! I love making a fashion statement even at the gym and made that possible. The bottoms are Lara Long Tights in Dream Print by Nimble, they are super lightweight and flexible which are perfect for yoga or a regular gym sesh. I have already received compliments on the print! The Namaste muscle tank is by Spiritual Gangster and I am practically living in this tank. I love that this tank can transition between a street style look straight to sportswear. These two items are available on and you can click on the photos for direct links to the tank and tights! Sit tight everyone because I am completely obsessed with my new camera and I will be blogging like crazy, most likely in this exact outfit! Go check out Inflowstyle and let me know what your favorite piece is! Until next time,