Desert Vibes Pt. 2

Part Two of Desert Vibes features a high neck lace crop top paired with printed flare pants. Both from Abercrombie and Fitch!

Desert Vibes Pt.2 -1.jpg
Desert Vibes Pt.2 - 2.jpg
Desert Vibes Pt.2 - 3.jpg
Desert Vibes Pt.2 - 4.jpg

 I kept the accessories to a minimum while shooting this outfit because I wanted to focus on the individual pieces. Both pieces are so fun but still very versatile at the same time. (For example, any drapey fashion knit shorts with the crop and a strappy bralette with the pants, which I'm sure many of us already own) And don't even get me started on accessorizing: a body chain, silver bangles and a suede fringe bag are just a few items that would take this outfit 0 to 100 real quick. We’re jumping right into Coachella Weekend Two!